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We produce and supply a variety of boilers with different capacities and applications, all to the highest international standards.

  • Boiler
  • Hot water boiler
  • Hot oil boiler
  • Steam car wash
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بانک یخ تولید صنایع رادفر

Ice bank

  • Reduces electricity costs
  • Improves energy efficiency
مخازن استیل تولید شده توسط گروه صنایع رادفر

Steel Tanks

Milk storage tanks

Milk and food transport tankers


silage cutter radfar

silo cutter

electric self-propelled

front-end loader

فیدر میکسر از محصولات صنایع رادفر

Feeder Mixer

Feeder mixers in various types and capacities

تولید انواع سردخانه

Cold Storage

Various types of cold storage in capacities and applications


Radfar Industrial Group, alongside Iran’s food industry

From consulting and design to implementation and commissioning

The presence of a specialized and capable group alongside the managers of production industries that they can rely on at different times is always one of the most important concerns of production industries.

Radfar Industrial Group, by identifying this need and employing specialized individuals and experienced technical staff, has been able to meet the needs of the food industry.

This group has been with Iran’s food and manufacturing industries all the time, providing consulting services, engineering and technical services, design and implementation of production lines, supply and production of the required equipment, and support and maintenance services.

Offering flawless, efficient, and up-to-date solutions is what you should expect from Radfar Industrial Group, as we have over 30 years of experience in this field and we have colleagues with expertise and commitment who will be by your side and alongside you at times of need.

Answering all your questions

Our experts are ready to advise you

With over 30 years of experience, we are ready to answer your questions and provide advice on the design and implementation of food production lines.

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کشت و صنعت جوین
,لوگوی صنایع بالتیکا مشتری صنایع رادفر
لوگوی آستان قدس رضوی از مشتریان صنایع رادفر
لوگوی تعاونی مارال شاهرود مشتری صنایع رادفر
گروه کارخانجات تبرک
لوگوی صنایع زراعی اسلام آباد از مشتریان صنایع رادفر
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